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Liz Pidgeon

Australian librarian, Liz Pidgeon, is involved in family and local history in both her personal and working life. I have been following Liz's tweets and blogs for a couple of years and also know her through her membership of GenealogyWise.
From reading her posts and contributions I surmise that Liz is a very modest lady who has a breadth of experience in her fields of expertise.
I am so pleased that she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to submit a profile to Genimates. I hope that, one day soon I might meet her in the flesh.
Thanks, Liz.

Bachelor of Arts (Major Studies in Librarianship)
Introduction to Archives
Answering Family History Enquiries in Libraries and Information Centres (online course)
Learning 2.0 AKA 23 things (online course relating to Web 2.0) and part 2 of same course
Attended various speakers and conferences

I was always interested when I was younger and enjoyed talking to my maternal Grandmother about her life. It was not until I was on maternity leave with my third child and I got the internet at home and my husband also became interested in his family history that I then got hooked.

Local and Family History Librarian

13 years officially

I do not claim to have any expertise, but if pressed I would say the state of Victoria.

I am a member of the Genealogical Society of Victoria, the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and other local history groups, of which one I maintain the website :

My pioneer ancestors hail from England, Scotland and Ireland. I also have relatives in New Zealand.

ALBINS/ALBANS 1822 + Lincoln, England
ALBINS/ALBANS 1852+ Timor, Vic.
BYRNE 1880 Vic.
CAMM Tas & Vic.
COMANS, 1850+ Bylands, Vic.
FREEMAN, 1780+ Kent, England
GOOD 1835+ MLN, Scotland
GOOD 1886+ New Zealand
GROSE Pre 1873 Cornwall, England
GROSE 1873+ Qld & Vic.
HOLMES 1903 + Birchip, Casterton, Vic.
HUMPHRIES 1915+ Casterton, Vic.
JAMES 1827+ CON, England
KEANE 1830 + Limerick, Ireland
KENNEDY, 1852+ Bylands, Vic.
KENNEDY 1942 Lockhart, NSW
KOEHLER 1790 + Ireland
LEES, 1787+ Stafford, England
McANDREW 1865+ Tourello, Vic
NEWBORN 1924 Northcote, Vic.
NORRIS 1818+ Kent, England
O'BRIEN 1854+ Kilmore, Shepparton, Vic.
O'GRADY 1793+ Dublin, Ireland
O'MEARA 1860+ Geelong, Vic.
OVER 1906 England and India
PARSONS 1776+ Surrey, England
PIDGEON 1770+ Wicklow, Ireland
PIDGEON, 1841 + Australia
POPE 1820+ Devon, England
ROBERTS, 1788+ YKS, England
ROBERTS 1855 + Castlemaine, Vic.
RYAN 1860+ Geelong & Donald, Vic
RYAN 1862+ Pyalong, Birchip, Mildura, Vic. Some unconnected families
SCOTT 1780+ Hull, Yorkshire, England
SIM 1887+ Corack & Geelong, Vic.
SQUIRES Bef 1809 Surrey, England
SQUIRES, 1830 + Tas & Vic.
STEVENS, 1898+ Dunedin NZ
STEVENS 1857+ Fryerstown, Vic
WEBBER, 1802+ DEV, England
WHITE, 1800-1850, East Looe, Cornwall 1800 - 1850
WHITE, 1852+ Te Aroha & Hawera, NZ

My maternal Grandmother Annie Murray COMANS (nee GOOD). My Nana, she is my favourite because aside from my parents she is one ancestor I knew. Her family have been interesting to research, with origins in Scotland. Annie herself was born on the WA goldfields and her twin siblings were later born in Pretoria South Africa. Before her Dad married he had also spent time in NZ.

Edinburgh, Scotland. It looks like a beautiful city. My GOOD and RAE ancestors were from there and there is a still an area (signposted) known as "Good's Corner" which I would love to visit one day.

I love the TROVE website the gateway out of the National Library of Australia at In particular the "digitised newspapers and more" database. It has more Victorian content in recent weeks and my husband's father illustrated for "The Australian Women's Weekly" which has also been digitised. We are very fortunate in Australia to have so many wonderful resources online to explore.

I use and recommend Legacy.

The standard editon is available as a free downnload at



Ancestry, Facebook, GenealogyWise, LinkedIn, Twitter @infolass, @genelass

I am a Creative Memories consultant and facilitate workshops for people to work on their album projects, which I also enjoy doing myself.
I collect postcards ( and enjoy "op shopping"
I enjoy reading and movies.
I am also a Mum to three teenage children.


Too many. I enjoy biographies and autobiographies but I suppose that it related to genealogy! This charnges all the time. I would recommend "Bridie's Fire" by Kirsty Murray although again genealogy related because it is fiction set in historical Melbourne.

Be the best person you can be.

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