Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tayna Honey

I have invited a few people from my home state, New South Wales, to submit a  profile for GeniMates. Tanya Honey, who is familiar to me via her blog and twitter is the first New South Welshman to appear on the site.

Thanks, Tanya, for accepting my plea to be profiled.

Bachelor of Arts - (History major)
Graduate Diploma - Librarianship
No informal studies as yet.

I've always been interested in history, and over time that extended into being into being curious about where my parents where from etc. After talking to one of my great aunts and seeing some photos and documents she had I became very interested about 12 years ago, but took it no further than searching a cemetery in Mudgee. 2 years ago I went on a cemetery walk organised by the local history association and located my 2xg grandparents graves, and the bug bit!
Reference Librarian in an academic library

Seriously for 2 years, vaguely for about 12.

I can lay no claim to any areas of expertise, but have a particular fondness for tracking down articles, family notices etc in old newspapers.

I have recently joined one of the local history associations in the area, the Richmond River Historical Society which is wonderful. I am about to join FIBIS, Families in British India to track down some of my husband's ancestors who are from India.

My ancestors are mostly from England, Scotland and Ireland. There is also a German or maybe Dutch connection, one of my first "brick walls", and I discovered last week a 2xg grandfather who was born in the USA - my one and only North American ancestor.

Bradford, Dawes, De Quadros, Dyson, Evans, Goodhew, Hetherington, Honey, Kirkland, Nevis, Pearson, Pickett, Rankin, Roach, Rosario, Simmons, Smede, St Clair Honey, Trimble, Walker, Wentworth, Williamson, Xavier.

My favourite ancestor, at the moment, is my mother's great grandfather David John SMEDE. I have discovered snippets of his life from when he was born in London in 1847 in Census records and BDMs etc, but remain in the dark as to when and how he came to Australia. This makes him intriguing to me, but what makes him my favourite ancestor is his obituary which describes him as a gentleman. I wish I had known him. (My Nans have also been very favourite ancestors as well!)

I think London. I've always loved London, but never knew of my London ancestors when I have visited so would like to go back and walk down the streets where they lived - if they're still there.

I love Twitter for finding out about new websites, resources and interesting genies to follow. The other resource I couldn't do without is Trove, particularly the historic newspapers because the articles put your ancestors lives' into context for you.

Family Treemaker


The Secret River by Kate Grenville. (May be classified as borderline genealogy...)

It is up in our kitchen: Live well, Laugh often, Love much.


  1. Hi Geniaus,
    I have nominated this blog for the 'One Lovely Blog' Award. The GeniMates profiles are a great idea :)

  2. Thank you, Aillin.
    I am honoured that you have nominated my new blog. I appreciate your nomination and will make sure that GeniMates wears her new badge with pride.