Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pauleen Cass

Since 1986

I wanted to know where my maiden name of Kunkel originated from and once I started I was completely hooked.

I have an interest in East Clare Irish migration to Australia 1848-1870 and migration to Australia from Dorfprozelten in Bavaria, Germany.

I was a member of GSQ for about 20 years and now GSNT as well as T&DDFHS, and have contributed to different genie activities over the years. 

Bavaria (Germany), Scotland (lots), Ireland (lots), England.

Melvin, Kunkel, O’Brien, Partridge, Furlong, Gavin/Gavan, McSherry/Sherry/McSharry, McCorkindale/McCorquodale, Gilhespy and Sim (and a number of Dorfprozelten Germans: Zöller, Diflo, Krebs, Kuhn, Nebauer, Kaüflein, Kirchgessner, Hock, Hennig, Wörner, Bils, Neubeck, Dümig.)


George Kunkel. Because he made me work so hard to find out more about him and his life, which is why I wrote the story of his and Mary O’Brien’s family, Grassroots Queenslanders: the Kunkel family.

I’ve been very lucky – I’ve visited every ancestral place that I’ve been able to identify but I feel most at home on Loch Fyne in Argyll or in County Clare.


Clare County Library (Irish) or Toowoomba Cemetery search (local)

 I actually don’t like genealogy software –it feels too confining. I have mostly used Relatively Yours for its flexibility regarding family relationships however I now also have The Master Genealogist (TMG). Mostly I prefer to write it up in narrative form.

If Yes What is the URL?
Genes Reunited (tree)


Family, Travel, Photography and Reading.


The Voyage of their life: Diane Armstrong.

To be “true” to the story, to include all family members not just the famous, and to respect each story.

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