Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miles Meyer

I owe Miles a huge apology, although he submitted a profile in July I didn't manage to post it before my big trip. I actually came face-to-face with Miles in a Google+ Hangout last month, this exciting tool provides a great opportunity for genealogists to discuss issues face-to-face,

Thanks Miles, for sharing your profile, I have enjoyed reading it - what an interesting and varied bunch we genealogists are!

Date: 9 July, 2011
Name: Miles Meyer
Hometown: Originally from Ft. Loramie, Ohio but now live in Jacksonville, Florida

Are you a Hobbyist or Professional Genealogist? Hobbyist

What is your day job? Biologist with the US Fish & Wildlife Service

How long have you been chasing ancestors?
16 Years

How did you get hooked on genealogy?

One day I just started when I found an assignment I did back in 3rd grade where we compiled a pedigree chart. Since then I have spent about 2-4 hours each day researching either my genealogy or that of someone else. I think I enjoy the hunt and the great stories I find no matter who's family I am researching.

What are your areas of Expertise in Genealogy?
Internet & new technologies. I have been an early adopter of many of the new tech toys. I am also a beta tester for several companies so I get to try out the new bells and whistles before others.

What, if any, formal or informal studies have you undertaken that are relevant to genealogical research?

I am basically self taught. My profession as a scientist has provided me with the skills to do research and look for detailed information. I began learning more detailed genealogical research techniques when I was called as a Family History Consultant. After that I began learning by teaching.

Please outline your involvement in Genealogy Societies and Groups.
I haven't formally become a member of any genealogy groups or societies. I frequently attend meetings of the local groups as an invited guest to talk about new products that are being tested.

What are the lands of your ancestors?
All my ancestors come from Germany.

What Family Names are you Researching?
I always enjoy this question since I don't have that many common names. Some of the names I am researching include: Westerheide, Garman, Mescher, Bielefeld, Aufderhaar, Wierwille, Gaier, Stueve, Mescher, Wesner, Bornhorst, Leugers, Schweiterman, Sacksteder, Roetgerman, and Meyer along with others.

Who is your favourite ancestor? Why?
My favorite ancestor is my great grandfather Raymond Bernard Westerheide. Mainly becuase he was a booze runner during Prohibition in the US. There are some great stories from his life. Additionally, my favorite ancestor on my wife's family line is either Corydon Reeder or Willie Mae Harris. Corydon is interesting because he travelled from Ohio to Oregon, got married in Indiana and Iowa and then in Oregon, then moved to Wyoming during the 1800s. He must have had an interesting life. Willie Mae Harris is interesting because she had been married 4 times before she died at the age of 45.

What ancestral city or town would you like to visit? Why?
Many of my wife's ancestors come from St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. I think that would be an interesting place to visit with all of its history.

What is your favourite resource for genealogy?
My favorite resource currently is the website. The amount of information that is being added to this site each month is impressive. I know it is not as large or as user friendly as but I always direct people to it if they are starting since it is free and there is a wide variety of information there.

Do you keep your genealogy files on paper?
Do you keep your genealogy files on a computer?

What genealogy software do you use to record your family tree?
I currently use Ancestral Quest. My wife uses Legacy. But I also have Roots Magic, PAF, My Heritage Family Tree, Family Insight, Family Tree Maker, and several other programs installed so I can test them and speak about them.

Do you have your tree posted on the internet? Yes
If Yes What is the URL? It is posted in so many places that I have forgotten most of them. just google me and you will find some of them.

What Social Networking Sites do you use for genealogy?
Ancestry, Facebook, GenealogyWise, LinkedIn, MyHeritage

Do you have a blog? Yes
What are your blogs' URLs?

What are your Other Hobbies, Activities, Interests?
I enjoy doing things with the Boy Scouts. I teach several BSA merit badge classes including Genealogy, Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Plant Science, Bird Study, Soil & Water Conservation, and many others. I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking (no hills here in Florida), camping, canoeing. I also am a part time professor and enjoy teaching people about their environment.

What is your favourite lesiure time activity apart from genealogy?
I like to take nature walks.

What is your favourite (non genealogy) book?
Orson Scott Card's "Ender" Series

What is your personal philosophy in a few words ?
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

If you have anything else to share please add it below:
I try to take every chance I can to continue learning.

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