Monday, August 29, 2011

Kathleen Fanning

We move back downunder for our next GeniMates profile.

Kathleen also completed her profile about the time I was setting off overseas so I apologise to Kathleen for sitting on it for quite a while.

I have been following Kathleen's blog for some time now and really enjoy her well-researched and thoughtful posts.

It is an honour to be able to publish Kathleen's profile.

Date July 2011
Name Kathleen Fanning
Hometown NSW Australia
Are you a Hobbyist or Professional Genealogist? Hobbyist
What is your day job? Teacher

How long have you been chasing ancestors? About four years

How did you get hooked on genealogy?
My father used to tell us about his family when I was growing up and I gradually got more and more interested in my ancestry. I was lucky in that I knew exactly where in Ireland the Fannings came from. A second cousin of mine had also done a family tree and her family still live in the original homestead in Bulla Victoria. They held a family reunion there and had lots of original documents and photos. This kindled my interest. Although thinking about it ,probably the main factor has been the internet. It is now so easy and quick to trace a family history compared with a few years ago. This is especially true with Victorian ancestry.

What, if any, formal or informal studies have you undertaken that are relevant to genealogical research?
I have taught myself using internet resources and some books.

What are your areas of Expertise in Genealogy?
I have specialized in Ireland and particularly North Tipperary around Thurles where my ancestors came from.

What are the lands of your ancestors?
On my father's side they all came from Ireland: Co Tipperary, Co Limerick, Co Galway, Co Down.
On my mother's side they came from England, Scotland and Ireland.

What Family Names are you Researching?
Fannin, Fanning, Sheehan, Hayes, Darmody, Skeehan, Gormley, Collins, Gribben, Dell, McSweeney, Cook, Collier, Knighton, Ledwidge, Ryan, Canavan, Mackey, Glass and more.

Who is your favourite ancestor? Why?
One ancestor I am fascinated by is my ggrandmother on my mother's side. Growing up I was told both my ggrandparents had died during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. I had always imagined these very old fairly dowdy people in sensible coats. Then I discovered a photo of my ggrandmother, Annie McSweeney, and she was a stunner ! Nothing like I had imagined. I discovered she had an interesting and wild life having two husbands and having a child to the second while still married to the first. I wish I knew more about her.

What ancestral city or town would you like to visit? Why?
I would like to visit Thurles Co Tipperary as this is where my Fanning ancestors were born and lived and I would also like to visit Cobh which is where they left for the colonies in 1841. I am planning a trip to Ireland in 2012.

What is your favourite resource for genealogy?
Apart from the internet I use two books a lot: A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland by Brian Mitchell and the Index to the Townlands, and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland 1851. For starting out in Irish ancestry research I recommend John Grenham's Tracing Your Irish Ancestors.

Do you keep your genealogy files on paper? Yes
Do you keep your genealogy files on a computer? Yes

What genealogy software do you use to record your family tree?
Family Tree Maker 2011

Do you have your tree posted on the internet? Yes

What Social Networking Sites do you use for genealogy?
Ancestry, Twitter, Google+

Do you have a blog? Yes
What are your blogs' URLs?

What are your Other Hobbies, Activities, Interests?
Bush regeneration, gardening, kayaking, yoga, reading, photography

What is your favourite lesiure time activity apart from genealogy?

What is your favourite (non genealogy) book?
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

If you have anything else to share please add it below:

I have two trees on Rootsweb World Connect:

My maternal side, Knighton Family Tree

and my father's ancestry, Fannings From Tipperary

I also have these trees on

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