Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GeniMates News.

I've had a wonderful five week break visiting Europe and the US. I had intended sourcing and publishing some GeniMate profiles while I was away but visiting and learning about new places just got in the way.

While dining with an American couple one night on board ship I mentioned that I was obsessed by genealogy. The wife of the couple said that she wanted to get started but that it would be difficult because of her Japanese Heritage. I mentioned that I had a contact that might just be able to give her some assistance so I found Valerie Elkins' details from her GeniMates Profile, sought out the lady and passed them on. The lady was most grateful - I do hope she contacts Valerie.

On my return from overseas I was thriled to hear that my proposal to present on an International Panel with three of my GeniMates, Amy Coffin (USA), Audrey Collins (UK) and Joan Miller (Canada) at the Rootstech 2012 conference was accepted. I look forward to collaborating with these ladies on the presentation.

Early  in my trip I spent 2 1/2 days researching at The National Archives in Kew. I was so thrilled that  Family History Specialist, Audrey Collins, took time out of her busy day to have lunch with me and to seek me out for a second lunch  date. I enjoyed being able to share my enthusiasm about the finds I had made with the chirpy and friendly, Audrey. Having a friend in such a big institution enhances the experience of the visit.

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  1. Good news about RootsTech 2012 not only for you but all of your blog followers, and also fun with Audrey. I'm sure teh lady with Japanese heritage would have been grateful for the tip.