Monday, April 11, 2011

Randy Seaver

One of the disappointments of my recent genealogy jaunt to the US was that I didn't get to meet the host of  Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy Seaver.

Date 7 April 2001

What Family Names are you Researching? Great-great-grandparents surnames are: Seaver, Smith, Hildreth, Newton, Richman, Rich, White, Oatley, Carringer, Spangler, Lamphier/Smith, Vaux, Auble, Knapp, Kemp, Sovereen.

Who is your favourite ancestor? Why? Devier James Lamphier Smith (1839-1894). He was born in New York, adopted by the Smith family before the family moved to Wisconsin in 1843, married there in 1861, moved to Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, worked as a livery man, speculator, farmer, snake oil salesman and rancher, and had the foresight to write in a family Bible and extensive family letters. He had five children, but two died young. He is my favorite because he overcame hardships in his life and is the most interesting ancestor I have!

What ancestral city or town would you like to visit? Why? Dodge County, Wisconsin so that I can search for information about the ancestry of Devier James Lamphier Smith in historical records there. The house that he grew up in, built by his adoptive father, still stands in Old World Wisconsin, a historical house collection.

What is your favourite resource for genealogy? LDS Family History Library microfilms that contain original records from states, counties and towns.

My favorite online resource is, but is a close second! Nothing else comes close.

Do you keep your genealogy files on paper? Yes

Do you keep your genealogy files on a computer? Yes

Do you have your tree posted on the internet? Yes

If Yes What is the URL?

What genealogy software do you use to record your family tree? Currently it's RootsMagic 4. I also have and use Family Tree Maker 16, Family Tree Maker 2011, Legacy Family Tree 7, Family Tree Builder 5, and several other programs collected over the years.

What Social Networking Sites do you use for genealogy?  Ancestry, Facebook, Geni, MyHeritage , Twitter, WeRelate, Other

Do you have a blog? Several

What are your blogs' URLs?;;;

What are your Other Hobbies, Activities, Interests?  Family History, Genealogy, Genealogy, Family History, Genealogy, in that order.

Grandchildren - Linda and I have two daughters, one has two boys 7 and 5, the other two girls 6 and 3. We have great fun telling stories, playing indoor and outdoor games, and being with them.

Spectator sports - I'm a big San Diego Padres (baseball) fan - we go to about 20 games a year. I'm also a big San Diego Chargers fan (American football) but we don't go to the games.

Travel and Vacations now revolve around genealogy research and conferences. We'll go to Illinois in September for the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, and take two weeks to visit ancestral homes in four states. We like cruises and land tours too - we visited Sydney, Cairns, Christchurch, Queenstown, Auckland and Fiji in 2010.

I read historical novels and mystery novels for pleasure, often while watching TV. I don't watch much TV besides baseball games, news, genealogy shows like WDYTYA? and the occasional PBS show.

What is your favourite lesiure time activity apart from genealogy? Watching baseball games and reading

What is your favourite (non genealogy) book? Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd

What is your personal philosophy in a few words ?


  1. Great choice for GeniMates this week!

  2. Excellent choice! So I guess we're not any closer to confirming when people say, "it's genealogy, it doesn't take a rocket scientist!" :)

  3. Interesting blog it's fun to get to know people this way. Just one comment though - the coloring of your font is very difficult to read.

  4. Just was introduced to GeniMates via Randy Seaver. Love it. Will be a regular follower now.


  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Terri, I have been having a bit of trouble with formatting (including displaying black font when I have selected white!) I'll take a further look at my template.

  6. Jill, I love this blog but I must confess that I agree with Terri about font colours. Black text on a dark brown background is difficult to read. I note that some of your posts (though not all) now appear as white text on brown, and they are much easier on the eyes.

  7. Thanks, Anonymous. Hopefully I have rectified the problem in today's post.

    I'll go back and reformat other posts when I have time.