Thursday, April 7, 2011

GeniMates - Two months down the track

It's time for reflection now as GeniMates is two monts old today. Although  it's only a short time I want to think about what I am doing.

In my first post on February 7 I said " I thought that I would prepare a pro forma with a list of questions that I could ask some of the people I meet to complete and that I could post these profiles on the web. I then thought about all the wonderful genealogists I have met in Australia and who do not have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or a Blog, I'd really like to profile some of these GeniMates who do fabulous work in local societies, as volunteer indexers or in their day to day jobs. There are a number of directories of genealogists around but these tend to be serious in nature and concentrate on professional genealogists."

I'll use a PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) structure to share my reflections. I would welcome reflections and suggestions from anyone who reads this post.

* The focus of the blog seems to be unique.
* Fellow Genealogists have made a number of positive and encouraging comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter..
* GeniMates have had an opportunity to share some interesting stories.
* I have established relationships with some interesting and generous people who have submitted profiles.
* The blog already has a number of followers as does the GeniMates Facebook page.
* Blog visitors come from a broad range of countries

* Readers do not generally comment on the posts so the collaborative function of the blog is not exploited.
* Readers from Non English speaking countires have not responded to my pleas to contact me so the profiles do not have the "all over the place" focus that I hope for.
* Some invitees have not responded either positively or negatively to my invitations for profiles. I am not offended if people do not wish to take but I'd love to know.
* The online submission form has created difficulties for some profilees.
* It is difficult trying to balance the sending out of invittions and a schedule for posting profiles.

* Some of the data collected will give information about  popular resources and common practices of the group profiled and therefore fodder for more blog posts.
* I wonder if readers would like different questions asked of profilees.
* Those who respond to invitations generally are users of some social media.
* There is a large representation of  librarians in the group profiled so far.
* Profilees are generally modest about their accomplishments and abilities.

Although I get stressed when I do not have a profile or two up my sleeve I am enjoying this project immensely and look forward in the coming months to publishing more GeniMates profiles.


  1. I am surprised more people aren't clamoring to participate. It's fun, and a good way to get your name out there. I especially like reading about so many non-North American researchers, since nearly all of the genealogists I know are either American or Canadian.

  2. Like Kerry, I am surprised that some do not want to take part. I read someone's blog where you had left a message for them (I assume the did not have an email link) they responded with very negative tones. I was surprised.

    I was flattered that you thought my Blog & contribution to the gene-blogging world worthy of focus. It is a good way of gaining profile. I have an idea which I will email to you, there is only so much typing on an iPhone I can do!

  3. I think what you are doing is great. Please don't feel that you need to publish to a set schedule. Just post what you have whenever it suits you, and don't stress about timetables. Also... You wondered if readers would like different questions asked. I always like to know where someone lives. If they don't want to mention a town, just State and country will suffice. 'Hometown' is a bit ambiguous as it could mean where they grew up or where they are now.