Friday, April 8, 2011

Michelle Patient


  1. I apologise if there are errors in this post. Blogger has been a bit mischevious this morning and has not been responding to my save commands but, as I wanted to publish the profile I am doing so anyway

  2. Michelle, you might be interested - there is a one name study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies( and you can email the researcher at is the generic standard Guild email address, & mail is forwarded)

  3. Tx for the connection, I have been in correspondence with Pat for about 10 years, met a number of IREDALE family as a result - found 9 one night in an email from Pat. Even held a few get togthers in Sydney for this family.

    The GOONS are a great crowd. Did think about being a UTHER goon at one stage, but realised I wasn't finished with other lines to limit myself, just yet.