Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garry Raffaele

I met today's GeniMate, Garry, in the Australian Genealogists' Group on Genealogy Wise. Thanks Garry, for respondong to my invitation there for members to submit profiles to GeniMates. I hope some others from Australia and elsewhere will follow suit.

Date   May 19, 2011
Name  Garry Raffaele
Hometown  Melbourne, Canberra

Are you a Hobbyist or Professional Genealogist? Hobbyist

What is your day job?  Retired

How long have you been chasing ancestors? 5 years

How did you get hooked on genealogy?  Brother visited family's hometown in Sicily - Pantelleria - and took notes

What are your areas of expertise in genealogy? Novice

What, if any, formal or informal studies have you undertaken that are relevant to genealogical research?  None

Please outline your involvement in Genealogy Societies and Groups. None, apart from the website (Genealogy Wise)

What are the lands of your ancestors?  Ireland, Scotland, Italy,

What Family Names are you Researching?  Raffaele, Dunsby, Kilmartin, Parnell, Mundy, Campbell

Who is your favourite ancestor? Why? John Dunsby, transported to Australia from London for stealing a shirt

What ancestral city or town would you like to visit? Why? Panelleria, home of the Raffaeles

What is your favourite resource for genealogy? The Web

Do you keep your genealogy files on paper? Yes
Do you keep your genealogy files on a computer? Yes

What genealogy software do you use to record your family tree?  Reunion 9 (Mac)

Do you have your tree posted on the internet? No

What Social Networking Sites do you use for genealogy? Facebook, GenealogyWise

Do you have a blog? No

What are your Other Hobbies, Activities, Interests?
Field hockey, photography, jazz drumming, cycling, gym work

What is your favourite lesiure time activity apart from genealogy? Practising drums

What is your personal philosophy in a few  words ?  Try to walk in the other person's shoes (I don't do it too well)

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